Friday, 12 August 2011

Your Eyes , The Windows Of Your Soul

You cannot hide your souls despair
Nor pretend that all's ok in there.
Like a window, through your eyes,
I can see so deep
Into hidden chambers,
Filled with secrets that you keep.

Mostly veiled by curtains.
Of anger, hate and pride
Occasionally I catch glimpses of
The beauty that's inside,
A compassionate loving soul
That sometimes really cares,
Trapped behind the window
By loneliness and fears.

At times it's hard to see
Your souls loving glow
Hidden by the pain and tears
Caused by hurts from long ago.

I cannot look you straight in the eye,
The reflection of my own soul makes me want to cry.

I can reach the recesses of your soul,
No matter how dark or deep,
Because I know my soul own so well
And the secrets I tried to keep.

Your eyes the windows of your soul,
Let them open wide
Stop trying to conceal,
The truth and beauty that's inside.
Release your soul
Let its love shine strong and bright.
Then you will see this world
in a new and better light.

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