Friday, 12 August 2011


Sitting in the chapel as they played Amazing Graze,

So touched by this moment tears were on my face.

For perhaps it was just such a special moment,

When your love first took hold.

And now fifty years later your love is turning Gold.

I feel both honoured and awe-struck

Sharing with you Charlie and Kay,

In this beautiful celebration of your very Special Day.

It is so wonderful to see two people,

With so much love to give,

An inspiration in a world of broken dreams

In which so many live.

You've reached a goal to which many have aspired,

But sadly never reached

Because their love grew old and tired.

And your love, it is still growing

but never growing old,

Because fifty years of growing has turned

Your love to Gold.

Thank you for the insight that you both show

Of what can be achieved when love's allowed to grow.

And I'm sure if God is looking down

From Heaven above,

He is smiling on you both and on

Your precious Golden Love.


  1. Just beautiful :-)

  2. Not an easy thing to achieve, 50 years of love! Lovely poem :)

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    Keep fighting the good fight