Saturday, 16 July 2011

In Celebration of Kuan Yin.

Kuan yin, in adoration, I bow at you feet,
Absorbing your mercy, your compassion, so soft, so sweet,
As it gently flows from your vase of green,
Filling my soul with a love so serene.

Kuan Yin , in admiration, I gaze at the love and light,
Which radiates from your heart so warm and so bright,
In response to the cries of all people in need,
And to whom you will never cease to pay heed.

Kuan Yin, in contemplation of, the Jewel within the Lotus flower,
I see the beauty of your love and power,
You are the perfect inspiration,
For my Loving-Kindness meditation.

Kuan Yin, in celebration, of this, your special day,
With candles burning to light my way,
I embrace all the love and the virtues you show,
As I immerse my soul in your soft healing glow.

Kuan Yin ,in appreciation of all the love you give,
I chose you as the model for my life to live,
To hear the call, the painful cries,
Of the troubled souls with tears in their eyes.

Joe Cluxton Feb.2005
Grรก agus Solas

Kuan Yin: hearer of cries, Goddess of mercy and compassion

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