Saturday, 16 July 2011



Christian Brother, does that name mean what it should?
Christ would never, rob me of my childhood.
How could you, a Brother of Christ,
Steal the innocence of a child.
Christ would never even crush a flower,
And leave it feeling so defiled.

But you, entrusted to shaping my future years ahead.
Abused your position and destroyed it all instead.
Teacher? Carer? Someone, that I thought I could have trusted.                                 
You left me feeling ,sickened, saddened and disgusted.
You hurt me and worse still you hurt my Mam and Dad.
And in so doing became the worst nightmare I ever had

In your eyes I sensed something dark and wild.
But you kept smiling,
As if to try and reassure this very frightened child.
How did it feel abusing your own power
And destroying what little power I had.
That must have made your brother Christ, so very, very sad.

You were a sad sick contradiction for all the world to see
A Brother in name, but no Christian the day your sickness tainted me.
If you had asked your brother Christ ,
He would have healed the error of your way.
So, why did you turn your back on him and run away?

He has healed me of my past, my hurt, my pain.
And on your behalf,
My forgiveness for you he did also gain.
You almost destroyed me by the error of your way.
But I am growing now in love and understanding,
A little every day.
Although it saddens me to think,
That you may still run and hide.
I hope someday, in Christ your Brother,
Your soul, you will confide.

Joe Cluxton

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